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What type of class is Hatha Yoga ?

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

’Ha’ meaning sun, active and male energy situated in the right side of the human body where the main Nadi Pingala is located in the right nostril and ‘ Tha’ meaning moon, passive and feminine energy situated in the left side of the human body where the main Nadi Ida is located in the left nostril. The goal in the Hatha yoga practice is the awakening of the kundalini energy. The exploring and use of techniques like mudras, kriyas and bandhas are very common in this type of yoga practice.

The word Hatha is also used with a sense of “force” or “ against one’s will”. Hatha yoga practice is so called because of its practice for rigorous disciple, in order to find union with the Supreme. For me the Supreme can easily be our inner being. In my studies and practice I’ve been many times touched with a self spiritual energy and felt like my inner being was being unlayered, layer by layer. Feeling a deep connection between my sense of being and body-mind connection.

The practice of Hatha yoga comes from the Vedic texts 5.000 years ago BC and Hatha yoga is one of the many types of Yoga.

Hatha Yoga is a basic and foremost style of yoga which is a form of physical exercises. It is a way of physical purification and prepares the body for practice of deep meditation. It includes shatkarma, pranayama, asana, chakra awakening, kundalini awakening, bandhas kriyas and mudras.

" You can find me teaching Hatha Yoga in Lisbon every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm at Siendo Art of Being "

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