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- Albert Einstein

I believe all human beings on this Earth have the power to heal. 

Each one of us has a healing power within.

Mine is creative energy through sound…its in the expression of sound and physical movement that I'm able to create that healing energy power… I found my soul purpose.

May all the vibrations of the macro Cosmos bring healing vibrations to your micro cosmos, expanding your heart, activating your soul purpose and open all the possibilities for your life journey.

For more info about the Soul Awakening Gong Baths or sound healing sessions that I lead please contact me and I’ll be very happy to share all the details about this healing experience that brought so much into my life

Sound Healing: Welcome


Channeling through the healing frequencies

Sound Healing or Sound Therapy involves hearing different sounds, low and high, subtle, which through the frequencies and sound waves end up creating a deep relaxation massage for the body and mind.

When our body's vibrations are out of harmony, we can get sick. Sound vibrations have the ability, through the principle of resonance, to make our cells vibrate back to their original state (homeostasis), bringing the body to a more complete state of health. In Tibet, monks have long used gongs, bells, metal bowls and a voice to heal. The method traces a correspondence between musical notes and chakras. Exactly these instruments of ancient origin are the current bet for different health problems.

It was in 2018 in Miami, that I came across Sound Therapy and started practicing on a daily basis Kundalini Yoga. The Savasana from Kundalini classes - was composed by a Gong bath from 30m to 45m. After a week my health returned to a balance that I had been looking for a long time…

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