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My dream was to pursue dancing, singing and acting in musical theater but growing up with a single mother and seeing her struggles,  instead I pursued business and marketing. I tried to take my creativity into creating marketing and advertising campaigns. Working with big industries, managing big accounts, big clients and big money. My soul got overworked, desperate, unhappy and burnouts start to happening. 

One day, exhausted from another stressful day at the advertising agency,

my friend invited me to a yoga class " I

don’t know how it pronounces. yo-ga, yôuga? " - she said. Curious and a bit scared I went with her... everything was new to me and my senses got really

activated and aware, scared because I fell the immense union and connection in

the class room among the people following Sivananda lineage, it was strangely new but I still decided to just


 Towards the end of the class when I was sit with my eyes close, suddenly I heard a little voice inside, screaming and crying for help to be listened a long time ago, it was a long time forgotten self, I reach out to this self and presence of being that I wouldn’t never leave it again, from that day yoga entered in my life.

I never thought that my path and purpose would lead me here today after teaching so many hours of classes, in so many different places with so many different souls. 

In 2015 I finished my 200h Yoga Teacher Training certified by Yoga Alliance in North Carolina, USA but still reluctant and controlled by certain society rules teaching was just a hobby as I was still  insisting with a job that I was miserable at but the Universe would rearrange for me to get back to teaching. And so it finally happen.

When I broke all the fear barriers and surrender into my purpose, it took me to teaching in places like New York, Miami, Sri Lanka and Portugal where currently you can find me teaching classes, participating at international retreats, creating and doing events, special workshops and book appearances.

I took my certification with Yogaworks school based in Santa Monica, California, my teaching and knowledge are based in B.K.S Iyengar teachings, Hatha Yoga foundations, Tantric studies and I’m a Kundalini and Ashtanga student.

The practice of Kundalini Yoga enters in my life in 2018 when I was living in Miami, after practicing on a regular weekly basis it was when my dear teacher introduced me to the sound healing instruments - tibetan bowls, gongs, wind chimes. Feeling the enormous benefits of the sound healing bringing balance into my well being, I decided to take a sound healing training to share and bring the same benefits that I experienced to my students.

I’m a lover for life and its simple details, I get sensitive about a good sunrise or sunset by the ocean and I’m always grateful for another day living on this planet. It’s in the water and in mantra chanting and Bhakti - devotion where I can feel a totally sense of calm and peace, where I don’t feel time, there’s no past, present or future. It´s Ohm vibrating through my soul.

My other passions are playing piano, writing songs and composing, singing with other souls, surfing, painting, reading, movies, writing poetry, travel and connect with other cultures, learning with other people in the world gives me a deep sense of union and I love that the most.

I´m always learning, I´m a seeker for truth, inner human knowledge, I like to create and co-create, be inspired by others, my main goal is to someday be able to create a community free of judgement and full of love where egos don´t prevail.

Since 2012 I’ve regularly practiced yoga, and having the chance to share all that I’ve learned along the way with students fills me with joy and love. Something I know for sure is that everyone could use more and bring into their lifes, like it brought into mine.

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